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For decades, fans of electronic and IDM have been tracking the pioneering Dutch musician Roel Funcken. Through his signature sound and notable techniques, he built his name on such labels as Funcken Industry, Outside Recordings, Schematic, Eat Concrete, Ad Noiseam, ShipWrec, Tympanik Audio Combat Recording, Analogical Force, n5MD, Touched Music, Neo Ouija, Stung Records, Igloomag, Headphone Commute, Data.Wave and A Strangely Isolated Place.

Probablement le musicien le plus prolifique de la musique électronique abstraite de ce côté de la galaxie.
Probably the most prolific musician in abstract electronic music on this side of the galaxy.


With his solo debut, titled Vade, Roel Funcken officially appeared on the scene in 2010 under the Berlin-based record label Ad Noiseam. With his brother Don, they as a duo, have released music on labels such as, Djak-Up-Bitch, Schematic, Sublight Records, Neo Ouija, and more, as the one and only Funckarma.

By 2009, the Funcken brothers launched their very own digital-only Funcken Industry label. This remarkable move brought in more projects with Shadow Huntaz, Scone, Quench, Automotive, and his most recent solo works. Although his brother Don gradually slipped into the background, (not to mention his work with Roel and Cor Bolten as Legiac) Roel has continued to influence and be actively involved in the evolution of music through various releases, the community, music festivals, mixes, and his exclusive slot aired on Headphone Commute's podcast.

 Roel Funcken demonstrates his mastery of bass-heavy and intelligent dance music which defies any music genre.


Perfecting sound design, Roel Funcken’s music incorporates unique experimentation of electronic sounds that cut with twisted atmospheric and sonic soundscapes that arouse a longing for more. His ambient textures maintain a cinematic quality while his percussive arrangements retain a constantly mutating framework. Funcken is always reconstructing rhythm and structure by contradicting complex configurations and minimal design. It's always a pleasure to taste the latest treat from this aural never-ending arsenal of sound.
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LEGIAC, duo and collab with Cor Bolten, 2023
Analogical Force, released April 29, 2022

OUT SEPT 15, 2020

A perfectly suited aesthetic sound of the ever-evolving liquid state of Roel Funcken's latest album, Dragomane Misinize.

Available are limited edition yellow vinyl, custom-designed t-shirts, and posters with paintings. Dragomane Misinize began as an art and developed into an album for intense listening’
Here is the all ROEL FUNCKEN STUDIO MIX as a presentation of the upcoming album