ECU, East Coast Underground LLC is an Artist and Label Services company launched in 2018 launched by myself and Mike Griffin my life-partner.

Since 2020, we develloped as a Label, Retail Store & Online Radio Station.ECU represents a roster of international electronic music & visual artists.
Alonside Mike who handles the Business Management and Distribution Relationship for the label, I work as an artist's manager developing the career of music and visual artists, bringing opportunities to them and negotiating on their behalf. I can be involved in production and commissioning, which means I am often involved in building and fabricating, installing and documenting their work.

ECU streamline news, promote artists & organize live events.

 WECU on Mixlr apps,
our broadcasted radio channel

To promote cultural and musical diversity, we only broadcast independent artists, small or young labels and collectives, and musicians isolated or absent from professional broadcasting spaces and some unreleased too.

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Give artists the opportunity to experiment with new creative process