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Roel Funcken, NL

Roel Funcken is a contemporary abstract expressionist painter whose work is recognizable for his unique artwork style that is rich in textures, colors and shapes. Based in The Netherlands, the artist has been making music under his own name for more than 30 years, and since last year he started painting. Over the years, his production has mutated in an abstract electronic form where multi genres come together to create complex, and abstract music. The overarching process between making music and painting fascinates the artist, both mediums compliment the other on how to approach certain elements in the creative process.
The artist constantly tries to think of new ways to apply the paint onto the canvas. His paintings are created through intuitive responses while engaged with the work. As a kid, Roel saw abstract shapes everywhere he looked, intriguing him. Despite being color-blind, Roel Funcken is addicted to colors and to the contrast between them. His work is informed by color and forms found in nature and influenced by the work of painters such as Kandinsky and Pollock. People say... Roel Funcken paintings look like how his music sounds.

international exhibitions

Oct 2021/ Jan 2022 Pure Art 360 @Hastings, UK

Roel Funcken Art featured in a 3D virtual space online and in real life at Bannatynes Spa Hotel in Hastings, United Kingdom.

July 2022, Art Folio Magazine @New-York, USA

Art Folio is a publication of the best in abstract and contemporary work as decided on by a curator who is a working professional in the art industry, usually a gallery owner or director.