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Let's Celebrate Together ☆♪

Let's Celebrate Together ☆♪

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Heft | HERMITAGE album is OUT

East Coast Underground is thrilled to debut our artist, Heft from Myanmar, alongside enlisted help from outstanding artists, as a close team!‍

Heft’s Hermitage album and work are based on everyday-life situations that give the impressions of simplicity that hold deep feelings and thoughts. As you immerse yourself into his work you are taken onto a familiar journey.

6 beautiful original tracks make up this digital release that fuses ambient and downtempo sounds with oriental melodramatic synth melodies and tribal glitchy drums. The album is warm and dreamy, with a cinematic touch that pulls you in from the first note. The artwork included is a deep reflection of it from graphic artist T:/Bos Art.

Available from our site at 9$ for the full album. The album is available on sale at 10$ via Bandcamp and on Pay-What-You-Want. A participative pricing, open to voluntary donations that allows support to artists through the Revenue Share.

As a signature and gift to all art lovers, Heft and ECU presents the album as a pluri-disciplinary project that comes with an Artisanal Silkscreen in limited edition facilitated by Emmanuel Kowandy, visual artist and Les Ateliers de la Halle, France. ‍‍More to be revealed. ‍

Starting above the stratosphere while slowly falling down to earth, “Hermitage” is a journey through spirituality and stoicism, which
involves all aspects of our being – intellect, imagination, sensibility, and – essentially our body, mind and soul.‍

Well known for pushing the limits and boundaries of music into different and endeavor sonic worlds, for this release, Heft's aim is to connect with people through his musical expression, which is an extension of himself and his spiritual story.

Each artist, in its own way, supports one aspect of the listening experience.‍‍


Keiss magically takes “Ember” to another dimension, guided by fluttering beats and analog bliss. MLTPLX reflects his bass frequencies and artifacts legacy, when Roel Funcken hits all the right spots.
Continuing to build on his signature, Aevin with Mute delivers a respectful approach to the overall feeling of Heft's album, while Cyance delivers the cutting edge dance beats!
“Saudade'' by After The Pulse closes this release as the grand finale, braiding industrial with post-rock and glitches that proves the artist's ability to mix different genres and art forms.

The 2nd track and official music video of the album *Ember*, directed by Le Quang Nhut, features the vocals of the french artist Lyli J. Her contribution to the album is purely magical and will be a joyful surprise to the soul-searching wanderer. Heft delivers with “Ember”, his most personal and emotional track, a journey through emotion, feeling and connection.‍

Heft’s release includes a top selection of 6 musical artists, and the sound mastering from Frank Riggio to complete the team.


01. Path
02. Ember f.t Lyli J + Official video
03. Mute
04. Saudade
05. One Man Cult
06. Higher Self
07. Ember - Keiss remix 
08. Ember - MLTPLX remix
09. Ember - Roel Funcken remix
10. Mute - Aevin remix
11. Mute - Cyance remix
12. Saudade - After The Pulse remix

On the album, moiCflo says:
“Taking a break from the routine, bringing my head up in the clouds. To me, Ambient Music is not generally a genre but a place in which we can take a moment for ourselves.”‍‍

Our deepest gratitude to all the incredible and astounding musicians, artists and people who have been involved in the creation of this album.

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