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Veronica Green, SE

Veronica is a Swedish multi-disciplinary artist, partly based in Sweden and London, UK.


Live Music Producer, Veronica Green has played her live sets in various countries around Europe.
Her music has been released on several labels, such as Bass Agenda Recordings, Section 27, Touched Music, Dalekovod V5: Crobot Muzik, and has compiled the Earthlings Compilation 1 and 2 together with ADJ on Pyramid transmissions. They are also known under the moniker ORGANISM as a duo.

Veronica Gudmundson Art

Veronica works in a multi-disciplinary way, with painting, soundscapes, light installations and 3D.

The theme in Veronica work is based on a cosmological perspective. With a great interest in astronomy from an early age, surrounded by the deep forests of Sweden with its magical northern lights, cosmology became the red thread in her artistic expression. The images are visualizations and impressions of the interconnection between the inner and the outer worlds, between micro and macrocosm.