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Available for Europe / UK Booking in 2023

La fin des pseudonymes, BE

Energetic live performance. Electronic and acoustic.

La fin des pseudonymes is a jam session of all shapes and sizes. Nothing is predetermined, except for the start tempo. With each invocation, new pieces arise, stumbling and sounding, biding their time. Audiences are summoned to these uncertain - yet meticulous - elaborations, to witness the melodic and the percussive constantly argue, in search of new paths to tread. The result is storylike and abstract. Sometimes it soars. Sometimes it dances. But it is always psychedelic.

LIVE MUSIC & Compositions

Released on EC Underground label, on July 20th, 2022, with:
Nicolas Claus (guitar, basse, loops)
Olivier Taskin (drums)
Antonin De Bemels (groove box) (production, mixing & mastering)

Two hours of total improvisation - Carte blanche, Dec 10 2022,
with (from left to right in the photo):
Olivier Taskin, Fred Aerden, Nicolas Claus and Antonin De Bemels.