La fin des pseudonymes, BE

Energetic live performance. Electronic and acoustic.

La fin des pseudonymes is a jam session of all shapes and sizes. Nothing is predetermined, except for the start tempo. With each invocation, new pieces arise, stumbling and sounding, biding their time. Audiences are summoned to these uncertain - yet meticulous - elaborations, to witness the melodic and the percussive constantly argue, in search of new paths to tread. The result is storylike and abstract. Sometimes it soars. Sometimes it dances. But it is always psychedelic.


Recorded on the 26th of July 2022 @ Jet26

Audiovisual jam session - full impro and no computer involved! - with

Rétro-chimie aka Céline Steffens (handmade watercolors, pigments and reagents on overhead projector),
Nicolas Claus (guitar, bass, fx, loops),
Antonin De Bemels (groovebox)
and Verseuse Pisseuse (synths, drums, voice...).

LIVE MUSIC & Compositions

Released on EC Underground label, on July 20th, 2022, with:
Nicolas Claus (guitare, basse, loops)
Olivier Taskin (batterie)
Antonin De Bemels (montage, mixage, mastering)

Live composition @ DIN 380, June 25th 2022, with:
Fred Aerden (processed field recordings)
Nicolas Claus (guitar, bass, loops)
Antonin De Bemels (groovebox)

Live session with @la-fin-des-pseudonymes
Recorded on March 18th 2022 in Nico’s basement

For this session the band consisted of :
- Nicolas Claus (guitar, bass, loops)
- Fred Aerden (processed field recordings)
- Antonin De Bemels (groovebox)

Hybrid set, Recorded live on the 12th of July 2020, with:
Olivier Taskin on wooden box, bells, etc
and Antonin De Bemels on the decks
LIVE @ Le Clignoteur, Feb 14th 2020, with:
Fred Aerden (spoken word),
Antonin De Bemels (composition and live mix),
Olivier Taskin (drums + bells)
and Hughes Devos (bugle).
Livestream - Live pre-recorded for WECU, July 10-12, 2020, with:
Olivier Taskin (batterie)
Antonin De Bemels (montage, mixage, mastering)

Antonin De Bemels teamed up with Olivier Taskin, drummer and multi-instrumentalist, to bring his meticulous compositions to life. The two began to reinterpret some of the tracks of the album and improvise new pieces that blend electronic and acoustic sounds. The result is hybrid, cadenced and textured, made up of muffled beats and twisted grooves, strings plucked and skins beaten. A band is born and its name will be La Fin des Pseudonymes.

Available for Europe / UK in 2023

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