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Adrien d'Elzius, BE

#IDM #Electro #Glitch Producer & Live performer

Adrien d'Elzius is a Belgian producer in the business of staying true to himself. While growing up, he was introduced to Aphex Twin signature which astounded and convinced him that he had found the kind of music he would continue to embrace. Additionally, he drew his influence from the Warp, Rephlex, and Planet Mu labels.

Formerly known as hosmOz, the forward-thinking musician entered a creative hiatus to remedy his symptoms of artistic turmoil. He honed his technique by creating melodic acid drill'n'bass sounds, which evolved into a darker sound. After debugging his creative intentions, he dropped his old nickname and the Adrien d'Elzius project was born.

2021 marks his debut on Burial Soil Records with an EP including collaborations with two electro masterminds, Umwelt and Lloyd Stellar. He has since been releasing in the good hands of prestigious labels such as Pyramid Transmissions, Arkada, Diffuse Reality, and Colony Productions. His approach to production demonstrates his technical proficiency and meticulous attention to details. The producer now combines his knowledge in sound design to create music that flows between Idm, electronica, electro, acid and hip-hop, while bringing back his love for melodies and deep atmosphere.
The Artist will be performing in The Hague next to iNDEX crew, which comes along with a forthcoming album for 2022 called “The storm will pass".

Exclusive videos via BALLACID


  • Straight from the Void (Pt.1)

  • Fading Mechanisms [Vinyl]

  • Interstellar Communications Vol 2.1

  • Brnsrgry incl. UMWELT Remix

  • Burn Out