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moiCflo is a driver for business growth and operational excellence. I especially enjoy meeting and collaborating with a lot of different people; and value different ideas and insights to drive creative solutions. I love working with people dedicated to making difference and creating positive change to the community. I started this website as a place to share my professional learning and experience. My passion is to help others achieve excellence and make the world a healthier place.

What's on!

moiCflo support pluri-artistic projects through digital media support and booking solutions.
Dream-up your line-up !



  • Tourne Disque, FR
  • Le Café de Paris - L'audito, FR
  • Mains d'Oeuvres, FR
  • Batofar, FR

A live and evolutive concept to give an overview and an eclectic view of the wide range of branches present at the creation linked to electronic music and visual arts.



  • Music Video Art, FR
  • Champ Libre, FR
  • Transient Festival, FR
  • Lunchmeat, CZ
  • Le Bistrot Saint Sauveur, FR

moiCflo is making the link in between partners, promoters and artists around art configuration in France near Lille, in Europe wherever and whenever the conditions became successful for each other.

Booking & promotion


The list below is not an exhaustive list.
Make it real!

Opening project


Websites show a spinning wheel and never finish loading. We are looking for:
.Web Developpers, Joomla language,
.Community Management People,
.Project managers are welcome and in Public and Relations we learn.
  • Tom Roberts, UK
  • Alexandre, FR
  • Pierre, FR
  • Joy, FR


An Open Community Project is a project that is evolving thanks to the free time, energy and competences that are available in society.

As a project always begins with an inspiration, Touched Music Label and Story gave me the best inspiration to associate my skills to develop music activities through We'Lab concept.

Ambient electronic & Music explorations?

You want to participate, listen, watch, and help us to upgrade the broadcast, by supporting as you want... like a give it to:

.Carers advices, help and support,
.Audio and Video Live concert and performance,
.Streaming Music and Video show,
.Digital and Vinyl releases promotion,
.Upgrade Marketing and machines tools
  • Roel Funcken, NL
  • Pietro Fornara, Lux
  • Shouraï, NL
  • Da ou, FR
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