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Brett Wilkin, moniker "Chairweiner," is a South Florida-based electronic music virtuoso who draws inspiration from genre-pushing pioneers such as Boards of Canada, Plaid, Amon Tobin, Meat Beat Manifesto and Clark. He began producing drum and bass in the late 1990s and had a string of releases into the mid-2000s before disappearing back into the studio in search of a more experimental sound.

Chairweiner's East Coast Underground debut will be the P1LL5 single, scheduled for release on March 9, 2022.

Discovered & Broadcasted, in the WECU monthly program. Chairweiner offered in November 2021 a set as an extension of his previous self-release and album featuring sayings related to Self-Help!

And to the question: Is the show made a change in your life? The label ECU is answering with an officially licensed Chairweiner new Single! P1LL5 is the first fruit from his forthcoming four-track 12" gem of gratifying electronic music to be release vinyl late summer.
You can buy the song or stream it here. You can find P1LL5 on pretty much every music platforms.
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Starting and running our own record label allows us to promote the music of brilliant electronic music pioneers.
EC Underground presents Brett Wilkin moniker “Chairweiner” an electronic music producer whose sound is richly layered, experimental, and quite cohesive, with blends of rhythm-fueled groove. Pure unapologetic 3L3C7RONICA.

Igloomag, video premiere & review (TBC)

Trippy melodic breakbeat / downtempo / experimental electronic vibes

The track is a real musical journey that starts as a piece of calming ambient and then goes full dance electronics.

The sound design is well worked, also impeccably arranged.

Awesome electronika and amazing synth sounds.

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