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Let's create together! I design myself & often I design others.

Denitsa Blagoeva, Art commission

Cover Art. I enjoyed working for the 3rd time with Denitsa Blagoeva, aka Dnsei, based in the London. I called the artist to draw the 1st physical release to be pressed with East Coast Underground label. 2023 will reveal a collaboration with the musical artist bvdub, based in US. Dnsei collaborated in 2017 & 2019 on Piano Day events Cover Arts, and in 2022, The 88 Notes release, serie 1. Get to know more : denitsablagoeva.com

The Sonic Landscapes Mission [ECU005]

Let’s celebrate a release, and a lot of accomplishments. Let’s celebrate DJ Steve Brown's life (July 20, 1969–March 20, 2022) and love for electronic music.

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