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aAirial, In The Wind [ECU007]

New album in the work for Romain aAirial, who started with Les Charades Électroniques and the Piano Day live event. Get to know: https://moicflo.com/people/aairial
Discover a mix the artist did back in 2020 for WECU https://soundcloud.com/moicflo/aairial-dissoluteness-mix-wecu
Follow his Bandcamp page https://aairial.bandcamp.com and get ready for Winter 2022. https://aairial.bandcamp.com/album/in-the-wind-ecu007

Eden Grey, US

I met Eden Grey thanks to Meaux, while we guested her on WECU for an exclusive show / LISTEN HERE

We worked on a "cassette" release with EC Underground.
Available to stream everywhere, https://t.ly/EdenGrey.Int-Interred.ECU004>
The release is available as a download, on special limited edition cassettes, and as a bundle with an exclusive art book. https://t.ly/EdenGrey-Int-Interred-BOOK

Full Electronic Press Kit https://t.ly/EPK-EDENGREY-ECU004  // Our project is on BEHANCE, watch HERE.

Jodövade, US

I met Jodövade on Twitter many years ago and guess what... Driving her in a new adventure with Frank Riggio and ECU
You can discover the artist and listen a first exclusive mix she did last year via Soundclound HERE
Check out the artist bandcamp page https://jodovade.bandcamp.com and get ready for 2023


A second album in the making: ECU114
ECU presented Deep Field EP by Jeff Lowe, aka J-Lower in November 2022.
He is back with an album, a collection of his last favorite productions. Let's feel the 90's.

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