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ECU presents Ben Worden, from US, Detroit
aka FRANCOIS DILLINGER, whose sounds glide between the two worlds of electro and techno.

Dec 17 will mark the release of
-40.715921 [ECU006] https://fdbeardd.bandcamp.com/album/40715921-ecu006
The digital part under the name of "42.328391N, 83.044312W" is available and streamable https://music.imusician.pro/a/OKSfsEHI/
with a Live performance https://ra.co/events/1605986

FRANCOIS DILLINGER journey through the genres is dark while retaining a cerebral, dancefloor-oriented quality. This stems from influences of industrial, electro, and even ghettotech that were a part of his first explorations as a DJ in Detroit. His Live & DJ sets lean heavily into the generation of hypnotic loops, creating long, protracted mixes between elements to form unshakeable tension.

As a former promoter, long-time performer, and supporter of the scene – he’s been a part of the Detroit underground for over 20 years. After the Movement Festival this summer and earlier this year in Berlin in the goody Suicide Circus Club, we are thrilled to bring FRANCOIS DILLINGER to Propaganda, Lake Worth, South Florida.

With support acts:
Meaux _ EC Underground, Miami Community Radio >> DJ Set
CTRL+OPT _ Schematic Music Company >> Live Machine
Energy N°13 _ EC Underground >> DJ Set
Pablo Funk _ Abseits Recordings, Cyber Domain, Devine Disorder Records >> DJ Set

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