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Piano Day & The 88 Notes

Tuesday, 21 December 2021 - Wednesday, 29 March 2023

EC Underground

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Piano Day project  moicflo.com/what-s-on/pianoday, supposedly "live" wondering greater time with organization.
Organized by moiCflo with supports of the artists & promoted by ECU ecunderground.com/about

Since Covid we organized Livestream events, and this year, it might not be only livestream. The idea is to release a digital and physical CD compilation. The money from the physical sales will be injected to the Piano Day Project and future live performance organization. Let’s create the future with ECU label.
The VA is about artists who have been involved in the Piano day project since the origin in 2017 or that we'd like to see in the future ! I don't like much lists, anyway here is an ambitious one also called line-up : Marie Awadis, Mihail Tunaru, Mathieu Karsenti, Watine, closeyoureyes, Holeg Spies, Geraldine Kwik, After The Pulse, Lorenz Weber, AMNION, Snowdrops, Lyli J & Mathmatrix with a bonus track. The release date is OUT on March 29 because of the 88 notes via Bandcamp and East Coast Underground - The CD is available mid-May.
Thank you Artists for reminding us of what's possible. It is invigorating to see you dedicating your life to what brings you joy. By pursuing these passions despite the risks and fears, you inspire us to do the same.

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