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Mike Griffin aka Energy N°13 " Vertigo " EP on East Coast Underground

Wednesday, 11 August 2021 - Wednesday, 13 October 2021

EC Underground

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New release

Pre-order: Sept 3, 2021- Release date: Sept 18, 2021

New 4 tracks EP to be released ASAP and via ECU Digital https://www.ecunderground.com/store/ecu-102
Get to know ENERGY N°13 https://energyno13.bandcamp.com/

Starting and running your own record label puts the keys to releasing others' music and yours! South Florida-based producer Mike Griffin began making electronic music under the name Energy No.13, later changing his name to InerVation to encompass a wider range of genres. He is now the co-owner of EC Underground, a record company with many disciplines in the business, including retail stores and a distribution hub for multiple labels from overseas.

With his new EP Vertigo, Energy No.13 combines the influence of many sources as it’s mark. The opening track on the Vertigo eponymous EP is an impeccable masterpiece of true electronica with synthetic qualities of melody and rhythmic interplay. A genre described as a sound straight out of Plaid  “not to over” the connoisseurs!

The 2nd track “Fun da mental” is an “in your face” cybernetic aesthetic that parallels an old school B-Boy style. This track concludes with a thunderous dance groove hypnotizing the listener to pure electro bass.

There is never a dull moment with the cascading beats of the 3rd track “Happy Feat”. Enigmatic vibes transcend for sure yet mysterious enough to stay true to bass heads.

The closing track “Zeebra” evokes energy while simultaneously intriguing you with its spacious experimental style.

This 2nd release on ECU Digital shows a team growing around the label.
Stay tuned for the Future.

Content writing by Anne Jackson moicflo.com/about/what-we-do/annejackson

Mastering by Frank Riggio moicflo.com/people/frankriggio
Cover art by Julien Allegret moicflo.com/people/julienallegret

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