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mōshonsensu - kanjō no nami / Debut release

Tuesday, 5 January 2021


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Cover Art Design
Kanjō no nami is a mellow ambient meditative collection of 6 tracks for your ears and mind. Drone and ambient music have always been a great companion, it mimics therapy and comes with a promise to help with anxiety. They may offer cold comfort, but also provide an essential empathy. I wish there’s a new journey for everyone in this preview of first waves released.
As a methodical distant being and from a young age, mōshonsensu, aka Daryl Robinson, has been connected to IDM and ambient during the plight of a depressive episode in his life. His music comes from the soul and struck deep through memories of intense thought processes.


All tracks written and produced by Daryl Robinson
Mastering by exm, exmat.bandcamp.com
Cover art by moiCflo, moicflo.bandcamp.com

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