Music Releases & Events

Music Releases & Events

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Emailing & Newsletter - Agenda & Roster - April 2023



Images are a powerful way to express our actuality. They can capture moments in time, convey emotions and tell stories that words alone cannot.


It has been an incredible journey for me to work with the label EC Underground these last months and collaborate with so many talented people. Despite being busy, I have managed to make time for these collaborations, which have helped me grow as a professional and expand my knowledge in the field.


Welcome to click on the images to discover and enjoy the news!

Released on March 29‍

The 88 Notes - S2

To be released on April 28

Star Drifter [ECU109] by Jodövade
Retro Futurism [ECU114] by J-LOWER

To be released on May 5

空間 Kūkan [ECU118] by NYORAI

To be announced !

Special Treatment [ECU117] by Gabo Rio

Mei, to be released May 5 on legendary label SCHEMATIC
MEI, Sigil Therapy-Restituto

Seefeel band, to perform May 18, in London, with GOODNESS‍
Seefeel, London, May 18

No matter what we are going through, it's important to stay positive and be there for each other. I wish you are doing ok and that you have support around you.‍

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