DMS Series 004 with Jiman

Friday, 14 May 2021 at 14:00

wECU Mixlr

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DMS aka Drink My Soul is a new webradio show about quality electronic music. Our DMS 004 guest is : JIMAN
Hailing from the industrial atmosphere of northern France and Belgian club culture, Jiman is a DJ and electronic producer obsessively focused on sound design. He shaped his aesthetics around complex arrangements, dubby textures and experimental grooves.
He released music on amazing labels such as Marcelus’ Singular records, Diffuse Reality, 30drop, Synchrophone, Nowhere, Forsaken cell and Mize records. In 2017 with 3 friends, they founded Pærer records, the label is based in Lille (France) and is focusing on the experimental side of techno, IDM and electronica.
https://paerer.bandcamp.com/ + https://soundcloud.com/paerer

His vinyl-only sets are composed of a smooth mixture between old & newer techno, dub and experimental techno.
https://soundcloud.com/jiman-wax + https://www.facebook.com/jiman1985/

At DMS we are very pleased to have this man as our special guest.
We can’t wait to hear what gems he has planned for us. As a fellowship generator, DMS starts at 8PM (Paris) with a loop to reach other continents and time zones up to midnight EST (Miami).

FB event https://www.facebook.com/events/4044150998977745
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